About the statistics

Nordicom's media statistics aim to provide knowledge about media development and trends in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordic data are compiled through a Nordic network and are presented in English.

The Swedish statistics are collected and processed by Nordicom, and are mainly presented in Swedish.


Quality and relevance

The idea behind Nordicom’s documentation of media development is that it should be possible to find statistics on different media in one place, while the information shall have undergone quality control and relevance assessment.

The information should provide as updated a picture of the media landscape as possible, and also report the relevant time series. Any changes to the collection technique or method of series are clarified in remarks and notes.


The media are described from a number of aspects

  • Structure - how the media are organized (channels, titles, editions), and how and by whom they are distributed

  • Companies/ownership/economy – the industry's economy, who the actors are, corporate finance

  • Content – content of the media, genres, types of publication

  • Access – the proportion of the population or households that has access to the medium

  • Usage – how many people use a particular medium, who the users are, patterns of consumption


Data collection and sources

Data are collected from a variety of sources, either directly from prime sources or via national statistical partners in the Nordic countries. Nordicom often make their own adaptations, and the information is placed in relation to other relevant data. Examples of sources:

  • Public statistics – from departments and authorities

  • Industry statistics – from individual companies and industry bodies

  • Research reports – from universities, independent institutions, official government reports, etc.

  • Own collections – processing of basic data such as circulation reports, archive bases, annual reports and presentations

  • Continuous monitoring of what is happening in the media

For more information on national, Nordic and international statistical sources, see External Links.