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Promoting your publication

Nordicom strongly endorses the idea that scientific results and findings should be accessible to a wide readership. Together with you as an author or editor, our experienced communication officers therefore develop a communication plan for all types of publications, including individual journal articles.

We listen to your ideas and help with press releases, webinars, and other promotional activities. Through our various channels, we reach many media researchers and decision-makers, both within and outside the Nordic region.

What we do to promote your publication

When you as an author or editor are to have a book, special issue, or journal article published, one of our communication officers will contact you to check which communication activities you think are best suitable for your particular publication. Based on our experience, we come up with suggestions and help assess which activities may be most successful.

While we are happy to engage in numerous and ambitious efforts, keep in mind that these require that you have the time and opportunity to get involved in communication. Thus, how extensive the efforts are that we can make depends largely on your own commitment.

Book or special issue

Together with you as an editor or author, Nordicom makes a tailored communication plan for anthologies, monographs, and special issues. Together, we decide which activities are to be carried out, which target groups the publication has, and how we set up the work. Below, you can read about what activities we can help you with and what you can do yourself to increase the reach of your publication.

Journal article 

Nordicom also makes a communication plan for each individual article that we publish in our scientific journals. The starting point is an information kit for social media that is easy for you to share. If we believe that your article may be of interest to a wider public, we can also make a press release together with you. We also support you in the activities you do yourself and are always available during the launch period.

Communication activities 

Below, we list some ways that have previously given good results. We always plan the communication based on the time you want to spend and our joint assessment of what gives the best results.

Social media

We share information about your publication on Nordicom's social media channels, where we have several thousand followers interested in Nordic media research. We see that even small activities from the authors, such as sharing a post or tagging co-authors, make a big difference to the reach. Nordicom is available on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and we can adapt the communication to the services where you are most active.

See Nordicom’s Twitter feed

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Print screen from a Facebook post

This Facebok post about the anthology Power, Communication, and Politics in the Nordic Countries, edited by Eli Skogerbø, Øyvind Ihlen, Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, and Lars Nord, has over 17,000 views. 

This anthology has dedicated editors and authors who shared the post in their networks. Other major projects where both editors and authors have been active in sharing have also achieved great reach.

Nordicom’s website

When a new book or special issue has been published, we always publish an article in the news feed on our website. The article is presented on the front page and is well visible to everyone who visits our website.


Read the article "New Special Issue focuses on media systems in “the other” Nordic countries" in our news feed

Interview on NordMedia Network

NordMedia Network is a digital network for researchers with an interest in Nordic media research (feel free to register a profile there if you are not already involved!). In-depth interviews with editors and authors who have recently published a book or thematic issue at Nordicom are regularly published there. The interviews are aimed at other researchers and are presented in NordMedia Network's newsletter with about 700 recipients. The interviews are conducted by an editor with good knowledge of the subject and your work.


Read the interview article "Classless and Free? Special Issue Editors on Media and Class" on NordMedia Network

Register a profile at NordMedia Network

Press release

If we believe that your article may be of interest to a wider public, we will be happy to help you produce a press release that presents the most important results. This is done primarily by Nordicom's communicators who, in dialogue with you, decide what to pick up and highlight. The press release is then sent out by the University of Gothenburg’s press department. Of course, you will always get the opportunity to read and approve the press release before it is sent. 

We would like our press releases to be widely disseminated and are therefore happy to help produce press releases in several Nordic languages and in English.
pressutklipp Nordicom

A press release in connection with the publication of an article by Tina Askanius and Jannie Møller Hartley (that compared the media reporting of #metoo in Denmark and Sweden) resulted in a total of 75 articles and features in Swedish and Danish news media.

Digital or printed flyers

To increase the visibility of your publication at events or conferences, we are happy to help you produce a printed flyer. If you prefer to spread the information digitally in your networks, we can instead make a digital flyer.


Digital Flyer for Wizards of the Web (PDF, 254 kB)

Webinars and seminars

Do you prefer to present your publication by talking about it? Why not organise a webinar or seminar? On our research platform NordMedia Network, we arrange ongoing webinars, and we are happy to help you plan and assist with the technical and administrative parts.

A special issue of Nordicom Review entitled Struggling with Technology: Perspectives on Everyday Life was marketed through a webinar that dealt with part of the issue's theme.

Read more about the webinar on NordMedia Network 

E-mail lists

We send out publication announcements on the Nordic and international research associations' e-mail lists (such as ECREA and IAMCR). We also assist in sending out information on other e-mail lists that may be of relevance for your publication.


We market our latest books and journal issues at the conferences we attend. Feel free to tell us if you are going to attend a conference and we can send you marketing materials.


Flyer to ECREA (PDF, 1,7 MB)

Personal contact with other researchers in the same field

If you yourself have a list of researchers who you think would be interested in reading your book or article (either because they themselves have dealt with similar topics or because they are quoted in your publication), feel free to send us the list. One of our editors will then write a personal tip to the researcher in question.

Your own ideas – big and small!

Want to make a podcast? Record a video? Create moving material or try something completely new? We would love to hear your thoughts and are open to testing new, creative ideas!

What you yourself can do to promote your publication

Our evaluations show that publications with the most reach have authors and editors who are active in spreading the word in their own networks. Below, we list some ways that you can do this.

Social media
  • Share information about your publication in your own social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Also, do not forget the academic platforms like ResearchGate,, Publons, Google Scholar, etc.
  • Use relevant hashtags and tag your colleagues or others who may be interested in the posts.
  • Share posts about other things relevant to your publication such as events, blog posts, similar projects, or further research, and link to your publication.

Think about the possibilities of presenting your publication in different contexts (a seminar or event, a panel at a conference, a podcast, or a blog post – one does not exclude the other).


Share information in research networks or groups that you know or participate in. Many networks have, for example, e-mail lists or groups in different forums for information exchange.

Get assistance from your institution 

Talk to the communication officer at your department about making a post about the publication. The more people who link to the publication, the higher up it will appear in a Google search.

Many universities have pages where you as an employee can present yourself and your research. Post the article with the link there.

Take advantage of e-mail

Add a sentence about the publication in your e-mail signature, it is a simple and effective way to spread information.

Distribute directly

If you want to share your publication directly, it is better to share the DOI than to send the PDF. This gives us a better opportunity to map the publication's distribution through the metrics provided by our publishing platforms, Sciendo and NordPub.