Our editorial team

Our academic publishing is operated by a complete in-house editorial team. Here you can find out who we are and how to get in touch with us.

Jonas Ohlsson.

Jonas Ohlsson is director of Nordicom and editor-in-chief of our books and Nordicom Review. 
E-mail: jonas.ohlsson@nordicom.gu.se

Josefine Bové.

Josefine Bové is our managing editor. She coordinates the publication process, from submission to publication. 
E-mail: josefine.bove@nordicom.gu.se

Johannes Bjerling.Magnus Fredriksson.

Johannes Bjerling and Magnus Fredriksson are our editors. They ensure the scientific quality of our books and Nordicom Review and provide support to authors and external editors throughout the writing and evaluation processes. 
E-mail: johannes.bjerling@nordicom.gu.se, magnus.fredriksson@nordicom.gu.se

Maarit Jaakkola.

Maarit Jaakkola is the book review editor of Nordicom Review. 
E-mail: maarit.jaakkola@nordicom.gu.se

Kristin Clay.

Kristin Clay is our manuscript editor. She processes manuscripts from final submission through publication, including technical editing, language editing, and proofreading. 
E-mail: kristin.clay@nordicom.gu.se

Karin Andén.

Karin Andén typesets and provides graphical design for our publications. 
E-mail: karin.anden@nordicom.gu.se

Mia Jonsson Lindell.

Mia Jonsson Lindell is our communications officer. She provides promotion and marketing activities for our publications, including individual journal articles.
E-mail: mia.jonsson.lindell@nordicom.gu.se