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Publishing with Nordicom

Nordicom is an independent, non-profit publisher within the University of Gothenburg devoted to publishing new, high-quality media research with relevance for the Nordic region. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Nordicom as your academic publisher.

- We are experts on the Nordics and on Nordic media

We are an international publisher, but with a very clear regional scope. Our scientific editors and broad network of external reviewers are experts on Nordic conditions and Nordic media research. Our Nordic profile means that the research we publish does not have to be framed to appeal to a broader international readership. Instead, we actively promote research literature that helps us better understand the role of the media in the Nordic region.

- We offer a tailor-made experience from submission to dissemination

Unlike most commercial academic publishers, we have a limited line of production, based on quality rather than quantity. This enables our in-house editorial and communications teams to provide a custom-made service for editors and authors in all steps of the publication process, including language editing and marketing.

- We are a true Open Access publisher

Thanks to our strategic partnership with the Nordic Council of Ministers, we make all our books and journals available to read and download free of charge and without requirement for registration. Print editions of our books are sold on a print-on-demand basis. All of Nordicom’s publications are published with a Creative Commons (CC) licence and without processing charges or publication fees for editors and authors.

- We connect your research with its audience, both inside and outside of academia

Our journals and books are published on the Sciendo (journals) and NordPub (books) publishing platforms, which connect our publications to a large variety of citation indexes and discovery services. In addition to this, we are committed to actively disseminating the research we publish not only within academia, but also among policy-makers, professional groups, and news media in the Nordic countries and internationally.

- We make your research accessible to everyone

Being a publicly funded institution, we comply with the EU’s Web Accessibility Directive from 2018. Thus, we ensure that all books and journal articles are published in an accessible version for readers with visual impairments or other disabilities that affect reading or understanding.


“Nordicom has a strong position within the research community and fills an important gap in the media and communications field – which is, of course, the Nordic angle in a broader European and international context”.
– Anne Jerslev, professor, University of Copenhagen


“We are experiencing a transitional phase from old-style proprietary publishing to a new model of online publishing. The main difference is and will remain open and free access. Nordicom is a lighthouse in this respect. It demonstrates that research results are a public good and research funds are much better invested in research than in the pockets of privately owned international publishers”.
– Josef Trappel, professor, University of Salzburg


“Nordicom has a very clear publishing profile and a rare, personal editorial process where you collaborate closely with the editorial team from the early stages of a publication to the finished publication". 
– Ida Willig, professor, Roskilde University


“The editor was very efficient, communicated in such a nice way, and was highly professional and qualified. The technical editing was swift and competent, and the marketing strategies and dissemination of the article were way beyond my expectations”.
– Sofie Flensburg, post-doc researcher, University of Copenhagen


“As for marketing and dissemination, it is highly impressive and much more professional than anything else I have come across, both nationally and internationally”.
– Eli Skogerbø, professor, University of Oslo



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