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Media Trends in the Nordic Countries

The newsletter Media Trends in the Nordic Countries highlights topics such as media use, the media market, and media policy issues, reporting on developments and current research in the field. The newsletter gives the reader an overview of media trends in the Nordics and puts the Nordic region in a European and global context. 
The newsletter, published 3–4 times a year, is also available in Swedish.
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European Media Policy

The newsletter European Media Policy provides an update on policy developments at the European level. It concentrates on news from the European Union: current issues and trends in media policy, new proposals for legislation, debates in the European Parliament, recently taken or impending policy decisions and reactions among those concerned, new support programmes, EU studies in the field, etc. There is also some coverage of policy developments in the Council of Europe and at the international level.
The newsletter is published three times a year and only in English.

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Previous issues and newsletters

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  • Nordic Media Policy, 2004–2012 (replaced by Media Trends in the Nordic Countries)
  • On the International Agenda, 2007–2011