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New research overview examines the significance of public broadcasting

A new research overview, published by Nordicom, presents what empirical research says about central issues regarding public broadcasting in Sweden. The overview aims to make research on public broadcasting more accessible and contribute to a factual and objective debate on the subject.
NEWSLETTER | 07 Jun 2022

European Media Policy – the June issue

Welcome to a new issue of our European Media Policy newsletter. Read about: EU for or against media freedom?, platforms soon to face tough EU content rules, new rules to fight child abuse online, and more in this Open Access newsletter.
EVENT | 01 Jun 2022

Seminar: What do we really know about public broadcasting?

Welcome to a seminar (in Swedish) about public broadcasting and its role in a digital world, the public’s trust in it, and the competition with other media corporations.
NEWS | 19 May 2022

The Swedish Media Barometer 2021: Read the report and watch the seminar

The Swedish population consumed media like never before during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Swedish Media Barometer 2021 shows that the increased level remained steady during 2021. Find the report and watch the seminar about the Swedish Media Barometer 2021 (in Swedish) here.
NEWS | 16 May 2022

Digital newspapers, car radio, and streamed television – this is how the Swedish population used media in 2021

Two out of three of the Swedish population read a daily newspaper on an average day in 2021 – digital reading dominated. Car radio was the most common way to listen to the radio, and 93 per cent of the population watched moving images in some form on an average day. These are some of the most important results from the Swedish Media Barometer 2021 summarised.

Media events in focus in new issue of Nordic Journal of Media Studies.

A new issue of Nordic Journal of Media Studies, entitled Media Events in the Age of Global, Digital Media: Centring, Scale, and Participatory Liveness, has just been published. The articles in the issue demonstrate that media events is still an important concept to help us understand the working of the contemporary hybrid media landscape.
NEWS | 04 May 2022

Welcome to a seminar about the Media Barometer 2021

On 19 May, Nordicom will hold a seminar to present the results from the 2021 Media Barometer survey (in Swedish). Conducted annually by Nordicom, the survey focuses on how the Swedish population uses media on traditional and digital platforms on an average day.
NEWS | 26 Apr 2022

Articles explore how media portray, frame, visualise and narrativise climate change

The connection between media and climate change has been a popular and current research topic during the past few years. Nordicom Review has published several articles on the matter, most recently an article discussing two Swedish TV series about climate change and the power imbalance between “experts” and the general public.
NEWSLETTER | 21 Apr 2022

New issue of the Nordic Media Trends newsletter

Welcome to a new issue of our Nordic newsletter. It provides you with new knowledge about media consumption, the media market and current media policy in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Success and Failure in News Media Performance

Increasing consumption gaps, persisting gender inequalities, and an increasingly relevant role of investigative journalism. These are some of the key results presented in the third volume of The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021, published by Nordicom.