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New publication | 31 Jan 2023

New factsheet: The ten largest newspaper companies in the Nordics 2021

Measured in turnover during 2021, the Nordic region's four largest newspaper companies come from four different countries. The biggest player is the Swedish media company Bonnier's news media division: Bonnier News. A new factsheet from Nordicom presents the list of the ten largest newspaper companies in the Nordics in 2021.
A woman holding a sign with the text "#metoo".
Call for papers | 27 Jan 2023

Media and Gender: A Nordic Perspective

With this issue of Nordic Journal of Media Studies, we invite scholars to explore the following questions: What new ideas, discussions, concepts, and methods are emerging in studies at the intersection of media and gender in the Nordic countries and beyond?
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New publication | 26 Jan 2023

Telenor and Spotify top the list of the 25 largest media companies in the Nordics 2021

The latest factsheet from Nordicom presents the list of the 25 largest media companies in the Nordics. The list covers a large variety of businesses with regard to geographic location, age, and ownership structure, as well as business focus and profitability levels.
Two images: A phone showing the Facebook startpage, and the cover of the new report.
News | 23 Jan 2023

Nordicom presents report as part of Swedish EU Presidency conference

Global platform companies have strengthened their financial and technological positions in the Nordic media markets over the past five years, according to the report <em>Nordic News Media in Global Competition</em>, which is now available in English. The report is presented today at a conference organised as part of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
A woman reading a book in a library.
New publication | 22 Dec 2022

Book-reading habits in a changing media landscape

A new Nordicom report investigates how digitalisation has affected the Swedish population’s book-reading habits and what they look like in different groups of the population. The report also looks into how book-reading habits were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the status of the book compared to other types of media.
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Newsletter | 30 Nov 2022

The November issue of European Media Policy is here

Welcome to a new issue of our European Media Policy newsletter, covering the latest developments in media policy at the EU level. Read about the digital rules affecting Elon Musk's Twitter, EU governments’ use of spyware, the European Media Freedom Act, and more. The newsletter can be downloaded free of cost.
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News | 02 Nov 2022

Press subsidies recurring subject in Swedish official reports

Press subsidies, public service, and advertisements are subjects frequently recurring in the Swedish government’s official reports on the media, according to Nordicom’s compilation of official reports. The compilation is updated once a year and includes reports from 1924 onwards.
The cover of the report Medieekonomi 2022.
New publication | 19 Oct 2022

Increased revenues for daily newspapers

Daily newspapers in Sweden experienced increased revenues and improved profitability during 2021, according to the report Medieekonomi 2022 [Media Economy 2022], produced by Nordicom on behalf of the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority. The economically strong year can be explained by increased advertisement revenues, steady reader revenues, and reduced costs.
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News | 18 Oct 2022

Nordicom launches new website

After several months of preparations, we are now very happy to launch Nordicom’s new website, which gives a clear presentation of our organisation and focuses on our users’ needs.
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New publication | 13 Oct 2022

New factsheet: Direct subsidies to news media – a Nordic overview

During 2022, several Nordic countries launched proposals to modernise press and media subsidies. But what are the current subsidy schemes? Which are the most important? And what suggestions are there for the future? Find out more in this new factsheet from Nordicom.
Two images: An Ipad showing Google's homepage, and the cover of the new report.
New publication | 13 Oct 2022

Global platforms are strengthening their grip on the Nordic media markets

A clear majority of digital advertising in the Nordic Region is now invested in global platform companies rather than domestic media, according to a new report from the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordicom.
Photo of Nordicom publications and the cover of Nordicom Review.
News | 15 Sep 2022

Vacancy: Nordicom Seeks Scientific Editor

Nordicom has a job opening for a scientific editor to join our editorial team. The scientific editors’ tasks include overseeing the evaluation process of publications from start to finish, assessing manuscript submissions, managing the peer-review process, and making final acceptance decisions.