Finnish official reports on the media

Finnish parliament building, Eduskunta
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On this page, you will find links to Finnish official reports on media, digitalisation, democracy and freedom of expression. The compilation is updated once a year and includes reports from 2000 onwards.

The reports in the compilation below come from,

  • the Ministry of Education and Culture (copyright issues, information society, media literacy, etc.);
  • the Ministry of Transport and Communications (television, radio, and support for other media);
  • and the Ministry of Justice (freedom of speech, etc.).


Download the compilation

Here you can download Nordicom’s compilation of Finnish official reports on the media. The list includes links to all media-related reports published between 2000 and 2021 by the ministries mentioned above. Most reports are in Finnish, with summaries in English and Swedish.

You can find more Finnish reports in the Institutional Repository for the Government, Valto.


The legislative process in Finland

You can read more about the Finnish legislative process on the websites of the Finnish parliament and Finlex, a Finnish Internet service on legal information.


Updated March 2022