Swedish media development

Nordicom has been tasked by the Swedish Ministry of Culture to prepare Swedish media statistics, document ownership and market conditions in the Swedish media market, and carry out the scope survey Mediebarometern. Nordicom receives an annual grant from the Ministry of Culture to carry out the assignments.

MedieSverige [Media Sweden]

MedieSverige [Media Sweden] provides a current and broad overview of the Swedish media landscape. Each report describes the developments in media technology and media policy areas in Sweden, reports on the audience and advertising markets, and provides an overview of the Swedish media structure.

Media Economy

Nordicom's mission to document ownership and market conditions in the Swedish media market means that we collaborate with the Swedish Agency for Press, Radio and Television (MPRT). Nordicom writes the annual Media Economy report that MPRT publishes in its Media Development report series. All reports since 2016 are freely available via MPRT.

    Mediebarometern [The Media Barometer]

    Mediebarometern [The Media Barometer] is an annual survey that maps the population's use of various media on an average day. The survey has been conducted since 1979.

    Other material

    Nordicom's employees also make other compilations and reports. They regularly participate as experts in the media, as lecturers and presenters, as authors of advisory statements, and in collaborations with authorities.