About Nordicom

Entrance of the Nordicom office
Photo: Maarit Jaakkola


Nordicom is a centre for Nordic media research at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. We offer a unified Nordic perspective on issues of media, journalism and mediated communication.

We impart science-based knowledge about media and communication to decision-makers, professional groups and citizens.

Our publications – from scientific journals and books to statistics, databases and news – are all Open Access and freely available. By creating contacts and exchanges between researchers and research fields – as well as between academia, the media industry and politics – we work to develop knowledge about the role of the media in society.

Nordicom is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and also has assignments from the Swedish Ministry of Culture.


Our services


Analysis of media

We compile and present statistics and facts on Swedish and Nordic media development. The Media Barometer [Mediebarometern] is one of our most well-known and long-running reports, and it has followed Swedes' media habits for more than forty years. It is the longest-running study of its kind in the world.


News from the media field

We follow and analyse Nordic media development and publish two newsletters: one on Nordic media trends and one on European media policy. We also arrange seminars and lectures and participate in other public events.


Scientific publishing

We publish academic literature in the form of books and journals in the field of media and communication studies, with a strong focus on relevance to the Nordic region. All publications are Open Access and can be read online and downloaded free of charge and without requirement of registration.


Researcher collaboration

We strengthen cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between Nordic media researchers by co-organising the NordMedia conference every two years together with the national Nordic media research associations. NordMedia Network, a digital platform for the Nordic media research community, is home to our networking action.