Image of Nordicom publications and the cover of Nordicom Review.
NEWS | 15 Sep 2022

Vacancy: Nordicom Seeks Scientific Editor

Nordicom has a job opening for a scientific editor to join our editorial team. The scientific editors’ tasks include overseeing the evaluation process of publications from start to finish, assessing manuscript submissions, managing the peer-review process, and making final acceptance decisions.
Young girl on a bed with a computer and a cellphone. Images of the authors Marju Himma-Kadakas and Raul Ferrer-Conill.
NEWS | 01 Sep 2022

Both content and formatting important to young news consumers

Making news more entertaining by formatting it with the stylistic practices of YouTube content may help to engage teenagers’ attention. However, if the topic covered is not relevant to the young audience, it might not be worthwhile, according to a new article published in Nordicom Review.
Newsletter logotype and a photo of the EU flag
NEWSLETTER | 25 Aug 2022

The August issue of European Media Policy is here

Welcome to a new issue of our European Media Policy newsletter, Nordicom's newsletter covering the latest developments in media policy at the EU level. Read about: continued controversies surrounding EU's draft law to protect children online, increased political pressure on public service media in many parts of Europe and the new "metaverse" hype that doesn't seem to be letting up. The newsletter can be downloaded for free.
A collage of pictures of Nordicom's staff and Nordicom's logo.
NEWS | 18 Aug 2022

Vacancy: Communications officer

The application deadline for this position has passed.
A microphone with the Swedish public broadcaster's logo.

New research overview examines the significance of public broadcasting

A new research overview, published by Nordicom, presents what empirical research says about central issues regarding public broadcasting in Sweden. The overview aims to make research on public broadcasting more accessible and contribute to a factual and objective debate on the subject.

Latest publications

Dark blue cover Nordicom Review vol 43 issue 2

Nordicom Review 43 (2) 2022 (ongoing)

Find the latest Nordicom Review articles from our regular issues.
Framsida Public service: En svensk kunskapsöversikt

Public service: En svensk kunskapsöversikt

Syftet med Public service: En svensk kunskapsöversikt är att på ett lättillgängligt sätt presentera vad empirisk forskning har kommit fram till i centrala frågor gällande public service. Kapitelförfattarna är verksamma vid svenska universitet och högskolor, och merparten av de resultat och slutsatser som presenteras bygger på genomgångar av tidigare publicerad forskning. I samtliga kapitel är det public services nyhetsjournalistik som fokuseras.
Framsida Mediebarometern 2021. Äldre man läser tidningen

Mediebarometern 2021

Mediebarometern är en årlig undersökning av den svenska befolkningens tillgång till, och användning av, olika typer av medier. Undersökningen har genomförts sedan 1979 och det gör Mediebarometern till den äldsta studien i sitt slag i världen. Resultaten i 2021 års undersökning bygger på svar från omkring 6 000 slumpmässigt utvalda personer i åldern 9 till 85 år.
Cover of Nordic Journal of Media Studies Vol. 4, 2022

Nordic Journal of Media Studies, Vol. 4, 2022. Media events in the age of global, digital media: Centring, scale, and participatory liveness

The articles in the issue demonstrate that media event is still an important concept to help us understand the working of the contemporary hybrid media landscape, that gathering and watching large events live together is important to people and that TV is still an important medium for co-creating what in the introduction to this issue is called participatory liveness.
Cover to the book Success and Failure in news media performance

Success and Failure in News Media Performance

The Media for Democracy Monitor (MDM) assesses the performance of leading news media in mature democracies with regard to three core dimensions of democracy: freedom, equality, and control. In this book, the most salient results from the MDM were selected to undergo cross-country and longitudinal comparison, searching for patterns and tendencies across countries, with a particular focus on the influence of digitalisation.